Superhero Movement

A cocktail to raise money to end abuse

We invite every restaurant and bar around the globe to create your own special cocktail called The Superhero, add $1 to it’s price, and put it on your cocktail menu to raise money to end the abuse of animals and humans.

We all know that Superheroes save lives, but now we all get to be Superheroes. If everyone helps a little bit, the impact we can have will be felt around the world. Sound Superhero-esque enough for you?! Never before has one cocktail been so powerful 🙂

All your proceeds can be donated to a local abuse charity (for animals or people) or to one of our chosen favorites. Charities should always be 100% tax deductible. With this movement the Everyman gets to be a Superhero simply by ordering a delicious cocktail that contributes to charity. Together we can raise millions of dollars this year to end abuse. Please register your business below to get started. It’s official guys…we’re saving the world! Thank you to all YOU Superheroes.


Tyler von Ruhtenberg
The Creator of the Superhero Movement

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