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Superhero Movement

Psychological abuse is the most common source of trauma and is often a precursor to physical and sexual abuse. Yet still, very little is made known about psychological abuse in our society.

As such, we aim to raise awareness. We are here to teach the new generation how to identify warning signs of psychological abuse in both domestic and professional settings so they can both avoid it and prevent the consequent sexual and physical abuse.

Our program also provides positive influence for children who have suffered abuse themselves and may end up becoming abusive adults. Abuse is a pattern passed down the generations, from adult to child. Our program aims to break that cycle.

Our Educational Strategy to End Abuse in One Generation

Abuse in our world is an epidemic, in great part, because of the mystery that surrounds its’ source – psychological abuse. I experienced psychological abuse in childhood without knowing how it was shaping me as an adult. I created Superhero Shop to fundraise so I can change the way society understands abuse in my lifetime. No one deserves to experience what I experienced.

There is a great mystery surrounding psychological and emotional abuse because it doesn’t leave physical scars and bruises. But we know one thing for certain: where physical or sexual abuse exist, psychological abuse also resides. Recurrent studies show that the same parts of the brain are effected by psychological abuse as physical abuse. It has similar effects on us as humans, so it needs to be more greatly acknowledged.

The silver lining is that when identified, psychological abuse is a warning sign for other types of abuse. Superhero Shop aims to educate youth about psychological abuse so we can prevent sexual and physical assault in domestic and professional environments, which is where the majority of abuse occurs worldwide.

With education, if we can teach children to identify emotional and psychological abuse, decode it as a predatorily tactic and understand its lasting effects on the victim as well as the abuser, we can all but eliminate it from modern society.

A superhero protects people and animals from abuse. I see my work as a duty. But all of us can be superheroes by supporting this effort. 

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We become superheroes when we change the lives of others.

Lets do it together!